AWS, new ERC20 Token, linking NFT to Cryptos passive incomes for any investors

2 min readApr 23, 2021


First of all, AWS means A World of Success.
Many investors are not at ease with NFT, ERC20 or Metamask, but they want to run also for this incredible business.

What is worth buying AWS Tokens :

3 Main actions, occurring each quarter worth it!

1. AWS is offering people to participate this great adventure, offering to share 25% of its profits coming from its partnership platform,
This marketplace platform development is almost ended and every quarter, 25% of profits will be dedicated and dropped, to all AWS owners.

2. Same way, every quarter, 25% of profits will be used to re-purchase AWS tokens on exchange.

3. Every quarter also, a burn of AWS token will occur within next 12 months : 10% of unsold tokens holder by team will be burnt.

These 3 actions, will lead to increase value of AWS token, all year long.

Exchange will also propose Stacking soon, offering a 20% APY for stacking AWS, minimum 180 days.

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IMPORTANT : Register and Comply with KYC on this link only to get Passive Incomes access:

Then buy AWS token, one click only, simply with your Credit Card — or any Ethereum if you got some, investing few equivalent USD to participate this incredible offer.

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